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Adding a Phone Line for a Teen’s Personal Use

5 Reasons Plumbing Companies Should Use Business IP PBX Systems

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 5 Reasons Plumbing Companies Should Use Business IP PBX Systems

Many plumbing businesses feature a rotating selection of customers. New customers, one-time customers, and customers that come back to the business on an annual basis. Wasted time is wasted money, and in the world of plumbing, this can lead to a loss of customers and appointments. Instead of struggling to stay organized, a dedicated business IP PBX system can help keep your whole company organized and on track. An IP PBX system is essentially a digital phone service that can expand to many other devices. For plumbing businesses, there are five key benefits to using this system and implementing it for every employee on the payroll. Emergency Calls One key aspect of many plumbing businesses is getting contacted for emergency calls. Burst pipes, clogged drains, and broken water heaters are just a few of the problems that a plumber can run into on a daily basis. This also means that their business line, personal line, and home phone is ringing on a daily basis. Instead of guessing whether the next call is your mother-in-law or another plumbing emergency, a business IP PBX system can give you an exclusive line that is used for emergency calls. When someone calls this line, you know that it is strictly for plumbing emergencies. Updated technology makes it easy to implement the digital line into current smartphones that you have. Using special software, the phone will have a separate number built into it for the emergency calls. When a call is made, it will pop-up on the screen and indicate that it is from the line. This helps you prepare, stay organized, and answer the important calls. When you are busy, you can set the phone so that only the emergency calls go through. This makes it easy to manage time and focus on the task at hand. Vehicle Office Management A lot of the plumber’s time is spent on the road instead of at a traditional office. Keep everything connected with an updated business IP PBX system. By using a laptop or tablet, you can stay connected to all your contacts and call information through the system directly. When sitting in your work truck, you have the ability to access call logs, missed call information, voice mails, and messages from the office. The same system can be used to contact the office directly without having to go through the main line or get put on hold if other customers are calling. Appointments Stay on task with appointments and schedules while using an IP PBX system. One feature that helps with this is call recording. When someone calls to book an appointment, the call can be recorded. This allows you to listen back to the message to determine what the appointment is for, what time it is at, and what tools or supplies you need to bring. An advanced phone system can also provide address information, GPS mapping, and the ability to place notes on a customer’s account. For example, you may add that a customer has a gravel driveway or hard to reach water tank that requires extra lighting. These small things can make the daily appointments a lot easier to manage. Project Planning Plumbers often need a variety of resources to get tools, parts, and other assistance for a job. With a...

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Why Voip Services Might Be Beneficial For Your Business

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Phone access is an important part of most businesses, but many companies are changing the way they handle their voice services. If your company is currently still using a landline to handle all your phone services, it might be time for you to look into Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. These voice services offer many advantages over traditional phone services, and you may decide that this is a good move for your company. What Is VoIP? VoIP services are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices in phone services today because of the benefits they offer. These services do not require the use of telephone lines, but instead they work through your existing Internet services. In other words, the calls take place over Internet lines and servers. In order to have VoIP services, you must have high-speed Internet services, and these must be quality services. You may also need to update to new telephones within your business, or you might be able to bypass this by purchasing a VoIP box, which is a device that allows you to use your own phones with the services. How Much Is VoIP? One of the main reasons businesses are switching to VoIP services is because of the cost savings they can experience. Using VoIP can sometimes be free, but in most cases there are small fees. The fees vary depending on which company you use for the services, but there are currently many companies that offer these services. Skype is one of the most popular free VoIP services people use today, and it is an extremely versatile program. You can use it with a computer to call people, with a phone, and even with other types of devices. When you use it with a webcam over the Internet, you can actually see the person you are talking to. This is just one example of a VoIP service, but this is not the type that is suitable for businesses. For a business, you need to choose a company that offers VoIP services. You will then need to purchase all the right hardware for the system, pay the monthly fees, and set up the system to work with all your phones. What Other Benefits Does This Offer? As a business owner, you will experience a lot of great benefits with VoIP services. While each provider that offers these services may include different features, here are some of the top features you may want to look for when choosing a provider: Directory services – Many phone companies offer directory services, which can often be reached by dialing 411. This service is not available with all VoIP providers, but some are beginning to offer it. Traditional features – VoIP services almost always include caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail services, so you will not be losing any features by switching. Computer integration – Most VoIP services also allow you to integrate the phone systems with your computers. This will allow you to track all incoming and outgoing phone calls and have your voicemails sent to your email account. Conference calling – VoIP also allows you to have conference calls when needed. Remote use – Another great feature of this service is that it allows you to use your phone services no matter where you...

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